留学生のための新幹線サマーセミナー 募集要項 Application information for “Shinkansen Summer Seminar for International Students”

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                                          教授 家田 仁

1. スケジュール
2. 参加者の負担金
3. 募集定員
4. 応募資格
5. 募集期間と応募方法
 ・募集期間は2014年7月4日(金)23:59 JSTまでとします。
6. 参加者の審査
7. 参加者の決定と連絡
8. 注意事項
9. 使用言語
10. 連絡先
  委員長 家田仁(東京大学・政策研究大学院大学、教授)
  副委員長 宇野護(JR東海、常務執行役員)
  副委員長 中井雅彦(JR東日本、常務取締役)
  問合せ先e-mail: shinkansenseminar[at]trip.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp 

The University of Tokyo (Dept. of Civil Engineering), National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Central Japan Railway Company (JR-Central), East Japan Railway Company (JR-East) and Japan Railway Technical Service (JARTS) are planning to host the “Shinkansen Summer Seminar for International Students.” This seminar aims to help international students studying in Japan learn the purpose and the concept of Japanese high-speed rail “Shinkansen”, how it promoted economic growth in Japan, as well as the technologies and systems that support it. Through a series of lectures by top specialists and practitioners, and technical tours including the train operation field, participants will deepen their understanding of the Shinkansen system.
Students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity by applying for the seminar.
Chairman of Japanese High-speed Rail Seminar Committee
                                  Hitoshi IEDA, Professor
                                 The University of Tokyo,
                   and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

1. Schedule
 Tuesday, September 2nd to Thursday September 4th (three days and two nights)
 Detailed information is shown here.
2. Attendance fee
 5,000 (incl. transportation, accommodation, and meals)
3. Number of attendees
 30 international students studying in the graduate schools of Japanese universities and  10 Japanese graduate students
4. Eligibility
 You are eligible to apply for this seminar if all of the following conditions are met
  You are a student enrolled on a master or doctoral course in a Japanese graduate school.
  You are supervised by instructors of Japanese graduate schools.
  You must accept the conditions outlined below.
5. How to apply
 - Application deadline: Friday, July 4th, 2014, 23:59 JST
– Applicants for this seminar are required to complete this application form and submit it to the e-mail address given below.
6. Screening of participants
– Since it is expected that the number of applicants will exceed the capacity, participants will be selected after screening of all applicants through their applications.
 - A review committee, represented by each the host organization, will conduct the screening.
 - Screening criteria will focus on your background knowledge of high-speed rail, your motivation and your intended future career, evident in the application.
 - Students studying in the fields of infrastructure planning, policy and technology may be prioritized.
7. Selection of participants
 All the applicants will be notified of the results by e-mail no later than Thursday, July 31st, 2014
8. Conditions
 - All students will share bedrooms with another participant of the same gender.
 - At the General Education Center, Japanese-style only public bathing is provided.
 - Because of the hot season, business casual wear is acceptable, but please dress respectfully.
 - Personal safety insurance during the seminar must be purchased at applicant’s own expense.
 - All participants must follow the organizer’s instructions.
9. Language during the Seminar
10. Contact
 Japan High-speed Rail Seminar Committee
 Chairman Hitoshi IEDA, Professor, the Univ. of Tokyo and GRIPS
 Vice-chairman Mamoru UNO, Corporate Executive Officer, JR-Central
 Vice-chairman Masahiko NAKAI, Executive Director, JR-East
 Contact e-mail: shinkansenseminar[at]trip.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
   (Kiichiro HATOYAMA, the Univ. of Tokyo, and Naohiko HIBINO, GRIPS)