News of Prof.Ueda ‘s death

Dear All,

The Department of Civil Engineering informs you that Professor Takayuki UEDA has suddenly passed away at 1:55 am on September 19th at age of forty-five and the cause of death was pulmonary artery thrombosis.

Professor UEDA graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1986 and belonged thereafter as a Lecturer, an Assistant Professor, and an Associate Professor in our Department and as an Associate Professor at the Gifu University, an Associate Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He re-joined to our Department as a Professor in April 2005 and had been working for the research in the field of Infrastructure Planning and Management, and Applied Regional Science.

Professor UEDA has hosted an international symposium on Spatial Impacts of Transport Infrastructure on August 21 this year and been looking forward his further success in the global world. Professor UEDA was a professor who had many remarkable academic achievements and made many contributions to our department. He was also well respected and beloved. The loss was unexpected and so deplorable. Professor UEDA will be deeply missed by people whom he associated with. We pray his soul may rest in peace.


Kazumasa OZAWA
Professor and the Chairman
Department of Civil Engineering