(Application is now open!) Announcement of the Special Summer Seminar for International Students: “Railway System and Urban Development of Mega Cities 2017” 留学生のための特別サマーセミナー「大都市の鉄道と地域開発2017」の実施について


Announcement of the Special Summer Seminar for International Students: “Railway System and Urban Development of Mega Cities 2017”




教授 家田 仁


日時: 9月7日(木)~9月8日(金)の1泊2日


9月7日 東京大学・本郷キャンパス内にてセミナー

9月8日 ターミナル駅・都市開発事例見学(二子玉川、渋谷、東京、日本橋など)修了式





お問い合わせ先E-mail: urbanrailseminar[at]trip.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp




The University of Tokyo (Dept. of Civil Engineering), National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, JR East, Tokyo Metro, Tokyu Corporation, Mitsui Fudosan and Japan Railway Technical Service are planning to hold a summer seminar for international students entitled “Railway System and Urban Development of Mega Cities 2017.” This seminar aims to help students understand how Tokyo, as one of mega cities, has been developed in coordination with the urban railway network, as well as the technologies and systems that support the railway network. Through a series of lectures by top specialists and practitioners, and technical tours illustrating the terminal stations and urban development sites, participants will deepen their understanding of the urban railway system and the historical development of Tokyo. For application details, please refer to the attachment files.

Hitoshi IEDA, Professor

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies


Date: Thursday, September 7th to Friday September 8th (two days and one night)


September 7th: Seminar in the University of Tokyo

September 8th: Technical visits (Futakotamagawa, Shibuya Station, Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi area), and Completion Ceremony


1) International students studying in any of the fields of transportation, urban and national land planning, economics and policy studies, mechanical and electronic engineering and so on, at Japanese graduate schools

2) Japanese graduate or undergraduate students studying in the fields mentioned above

Participation fee: 3000 yen

Contact: urbanrailseminar[at]trip.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Hironori KATO and So MORIKAWA, the University of Tokyo)