Closing for MEXT with Embassy recommendation in China October 2023 intake

Registration for application of MEXT Embassy recommendation in China (中国赴) will be closed  on 14th Oct. at 17:30 JST.

■MEXT EMBASSY Civil Engineering 2023 Autumn degree student (A23ICVLMXE)



New schedule for Embassy Chinese(中国赴)

Online Application starts

15:00 JST, 04 July 2022

Deadline for registration T-cens application accounts (Course Selection)

17:30 JST 14 October 2022

Deadline for data entry through T-cens

15:00 JST 24 October 2022

Results will be announced

At the beginning of November 2022

 The applicant with Embassy in China is available upon request if you have passed the preliminary selection at the Embassy in China.

Please email to fso with the passing certificate.

E-mail: fso”9″
Please change “9” to @

 We will NOT accept any applications submitted after the deadline under any circumstances.
Please see the course summary for more details.