Application for International Graduate Program 2016 September intake with SHIMIZU CORPORATION SCHOLARSHIP is now open.

1. Eligibility:Applicants for the scholarship must meet all of the following requirements.

・Applicants must be ASEAN nationals.
・A foreign national who is not a permanent resident of Japan.
・A foreign national who is not currently residing in Japan.
・Individuals with the linguistic skills required to take classes and receive research guidance in English.
・Applicants who have completed, or are expected to complete, 16 years of school education by 30th September, 2016, upon completion of their Bachelor’s or equivalent degree.

2.  Scholarship period: Two years for Master’s programs from starting in September 2016.
3. Number of Scholarship Recipient: 1 Recipient
4. Amount of scholarship:・Monthly Stipend : JPY 100,000
In addition to travel expenses and living costs, you need pay the admission fee, the examination fee and the tuition fees. However, you might be eligible – subject to approval -to apply for exemption from the admission fee and tuition fees. Please see the URL below for more details.
5.  Application due date: Thursday, 28th April 2016
6. Where to apply: Please apply to FSO (Foreign Student Office, Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo)
7.  Application documents to submit

・International Graduate Program Application Form (Please require the form to FSO
・Two Recommendation Letters
・Statement of Study plans
・Summary of your academic work such as undergraduate thesis, project paper, research paper, etc.
・Academic transcript of the undergraduate
・Certificate of Degree/Diploma of Bachelor’s
・English Language Proficiency
・Personal Identification such as photocopy of  passport
   Submission due date: Monday, 9th May 2016

8. Result of screening:After the screening of the application documents, the result will be announced by the end of June 2016
9. All application documents and enquiries are to be addressed to: