The goal of the International Graduate Program created by the Civil Engineering Department at the
University of Tokyo is to prepare its graduating students to become future international leaders.
Here, at the Civil Engineering Department, we are well aware of the skills, both academically and
professionally, that are essential for success in the current global situation.
Experimentation, exploration and involvement in key projects in various academic fields and industries offer
students crucial experience and skills needed for developing and integrating competencies necessary for
participation on an international level in our expanding global world.
In our program, we strive to create an environment, which stimulates students to fully realize their
individual potentials. And, the most valuable resource we offer is our human network, built with both
current and future well recognized professionals.


Civil Engineering synthesizes diverse disciplines in order to survey, monitor, understand, design, develop, maintain, and manage natural and built environments, and plays a vital role in supporting people’s daily lives and developing sustainability in social-ecological-systems.

Department of Civil Engineering embraces a wide variety of research fields: fundamental technologies in civil engineering (e.g. geotechnical, concrete, structural, and hydraulic engineering), hydro-science, aquatic ecosystems, urban issues, disaster risk management, regional and national planning, policy making on social infrastructure, project management, and international cooperation.

The department is proud of its record of over 900 alumni who have come from overseas and graduated in the last 25 years. Some of them found faculty positions in their home countries, Japan, or even in the US or Europe, others are working as engineers in government departments or private companies, and some are involved in international/domestic policy making. To promote the employability/intellectual development/career opportunities/ skills and knowledge of our students, the program provides course work, research opportunities, and internships on fundamental aspects of civil engineering, design, policy making, and management relevant to the development of a prosperous society and sustainable future.